STEEL HORSE™ Coffee is exclusively available through the Mars Drinks single-serve system.
A Revolutionary New Way to Get Your Office Productivity on Track
  • Never Run Out of Steam

    As part of a one-of-a-kind launch, STEEL HORSE™ Coffee is promoting workplace productivity. Learn more about how we’re helping the office stay focused and alert and aiding in getting office productivity on track.

  • Check Out the Numbers!

    We’re ranking the best in corporate efficiency. Check out the top 100 productive companies with our STEEL HORSE™ Coffee Productivity Index. What surprises made our list? See for yourself!

  • Introducing STEEL HORSE™ Coffee

    MARS Drinks presents the first and only beverage combining pure, robust coffee with 150mg of circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols. It’s a new step in promoting office productivity. All aboard for your free trial!

Productivity Index

See who tops our list of the most efficient companies in the U.S.

Productivity Awards

Congratulations to Unpakt - 2013 Award winner!

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Combining the benefits of coffee with the power of cocoa flavanols.

Productivity News

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Business Insider
It's easy to spot when people are lying to themselves—like when a co-worker confidently starts a huge project at 4:30, but has a 5 PM deadline. “Who's he kidding?” you might chuckle. But when you're telling lies to yourself—well, that's another story ...


The Hidden Link Between Breakfast And Productivity
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Only do the important thinking: sounds like the right kind of routine, one that enhances, rather than erodes, your creativity. One which, by the way, Barack Obama and the ultra-productive Bob Pozen have already figured out. Why the minimalists do what ...


9 Tips For Boosting Productivity At Work This Summer
Summer is upon us and over the next few weeks schools will be closing, the sun will be shining, and you'll be daydreaming that you're at the beach, on a boat, at the pool, or anywhere but your desk. There's a good chance that all the excitement and ...

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